The primary reason that most investors choose to invest in Brazilian Companies is to profit by waiting for the value of their investments to grow. Investing in a company can provide an ongoing source of income.

Diversification of investments refers to putting your money into several different types of investments to spread out your risk and improve your chances of earning profits.

If you already have investments in the form of savings accounts, real estate, collectibles and certificates of deposit, investing in a Brazilian Company is one way to diversify your portfolio.

Even if you don’t want to put much money into stocks or small businesses, placing some of your money in a Brazilian Company with the potential to grow is usually a good idea.



Investing in a Brazilian Company also has the benefit of giving you some measure of control in the business, as well as a means of supporting its operations.

In an initial public offering, or IPO, a company sells stock for the first time and allows investors to provide the cash that it needs to grow in new directions.

Owning corporate stock also allows you to vote at the annual meeting, where important leadership and policy decisions are made.

Investing in a small business may keep it afloat during its difficult first years, allowing you to fund a company you believe in until it can become sustainable and profitable on its own. 



















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The Business Chamber Online offers entrepreneurs investors with security business opportunities and profitability of 1% to 4.5% month on various activities and sectors of the Brazilian economy.

Business Chamber Online helps you sell your products in Brazil, and also to more than 100 countries, especially in Latin America.

We offer advice for the installation of foreign companies in Brazil and obtaining documentation and a visa for investors.

Brazilian businessmen are opening their companies to investor partners, for this reason Business Chamber Online helps in the negotiations of quotas of investments and participations in industries, power plants, farms, universities, hospitals, mining companies, laboratories and a multitude of other business opportunities and investments.




















The Business Chamber arranges several trips to multiple countries each year. These trips constitute a unique opportunity for your company to make new, valuable connections. For example, you might find a new supplier, business partner or importer. The expanded global services use its Business Chamber accredited membership and its global business network to help businesses trade internationally. Members are entitled to admission to the global business repertoire: Networks – Contacts – Directories – Publications – Training courses – In-country trade hubs.

Membership includes:

  • Free access to Business Chamber Connects
  • Account executive support
  • Market entry support — market & sector specialisms
  • Useful events
  • Acess to local market expertise
  • Access to markets, distributors, partners, suppliers and professional services
  • Helps with building global relationships